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Eat With AVA - Issue #6

Welcome to AVA's weekly digest with curated stories about health, nutrition, fitness and overall well
June 28 · Issue #6 · View online
Eat With AVA
Welcome to AVA’s weekly digest with curated stories about health, nutrition, fitness and overall wellness! This week we look at the buzz around coconut oil, exercises that suit all ages, as well as why the “snooze” button may not actually be your friend. 

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Nutrition & Food Trends
The biggest question in food news rages on, have you heard?? The tropical conundrum. Although this saturated fat has been given a bad rap, it may have a place in your life. It is often used in high-heat cooking due to its high flash point, meaning there’s less oxidation. Maintaining a balanced variety of fats is essential to good health. Moderate fat intake is necessary for essential cellular functions, so if you choose coconut oil, ensure that you are not exceeding 15g per day and that you are balancing it with unsaturated oils such as olive or avocado. 
Coconut Oil: What You Haven't Been Told About That Study | HuffPost UK
How can we keep up with the millennial demand for food as cultures shift? The foodie culture has revolutionized the food and beverage market in a way that was unimaginable even ten years ago. What is required now of the market is an increased demand for high-cost and ever-improving quality of food products, driven by a generation that chooses to spend money on this regardless of income. Some say that businesses can’t keep up with these trends as they may drive out those in the working class. How far are you willing to go for quality and an experience with food?
Does Foodie Culture Exclude the Working Class? — Foodable Network
Would a tax on sugar make you think twice about grabbing a can?? Hopefully!  Sodas, even diet, are linked to increased risk for chronic diseases, like insulin resistance and high blood pressure. Many states have considered placing a tax or additional fee on sugary beverages. Reasons behind this stem from public health initiatives to combat the obesity epidemic. However, some argue the tax will impact local businesses by causing consumers to become more health-conscious. Um…. what’s wrong with driving the market to support healthier options?  David Kessler, MD, author of “The End of Overeating,” suggests we follow what worked for cutting cigarette use; beyond taxes, smoking became “uncool.” Do our culture a favor and turn your nose up the next time you walk by the soda section!
State Lawmakers Consider Taxing Soda « CBS Boston
Can we correct the effects of aging through exercise? Yup! Certain forms of exercise help promote cellular regeneration and mitochondrial density. As long as you continue to “stimulate” the mitochondria, benefits are shown. Cellular regeneration is the key to being young at heart, slowing and rejuvenating the aging process. 
The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles - The New York Times
Can active commuting reduce your risk of disease? Research says “yes” it can. Although this research is an observational study, there are still some conclusions we can see in terms of overall trends with more active commutes, like risk reduction for heart disease and cancer. Is this due to the fact that those who bike-commute are inherently more active overall, or is there more to the story?
On your bike: Cycling to work linked with large health benefits | Reuters
HIIT…with your best shot! Interval and strength training are essential for building muscle, boosting metabolism, and strengthening bones. The key to success isn’t how long you workout for or how much you sweat. It’s all about keeping it short & sweet…. sweet being super intense!  Using proper form, controlled movement, and tapping into the “mental game” of exercise gets you the results you want. Combining a mindful approach to strength workouts makes them far more effective.  
HIIT Workouts: How Often Should You Do Them? | Greatist
Everyone does it…but does the extra 5 minutes actually hurt us?? Setting multiple alarms as a precaution is normal, but it turns out we are actually disrupting natural REM sleep cycles…over and over again. This can be bad for our metabolism and immunity.
Are Multiple Alarms In The Morning Bad For You
Increase exercise in sun = increased risk for skin cancer? This is important! Although exercise is beneficial regardless of where we choose to accomplish it, it is important to recognize that outdoor exercise does come with an added risk if we don’t take care of our skin. Runners, swimmers, walkers, and bikers should all consider a sun-care routine in order to prolong the health benefits associated with outdoor exercise. 
The skinny on skin care for athletes who train in the sun - The Washington Post
How many times are you “nudged” toward or away from your optimal health each day? Truthfully, it happens hundreds of times a day and we can almost never tell. Companies use this tactic to market to consumers in many places. The key is becoming more aware in order to recognize the places that these “nudges” make a difference in our health and wellness goals. 
Why Your Environment Is Working Against You—And How To Fix It | HuffPost
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