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Eat With AVA - Issue #7

Welcome to Issue #7 of AVA's curated digest! This week we are taking a look at functional foods and
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Eat With AVA

Welcome to Issue #7 of AVA’s curated digest! This week we are taking a look at functional foods and getting to the bottom of their “cure-all” magic, if olive oil may protect against Alzheimer’s, the adverse effects associated with your personal care items, and how labeling is being used to get you to eat more veggies. Plus, don’t miss out on some summer tips to put your home garden to use!

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Nutrition & Food Trends
You may have seen this “superfood” at your local juice bar or gym, but what benefits does the green-shot actually have? Although it does boast an impressive nutrient profile packed with 44% of the daily recommended value of iron, does this algae have the power to cure allergies, candida, and help you lose weight?
Is Spirulina a Miracle Cure-all? - Food & Nutrition Magazine
EVOO, a delicious unsaturated fat – you may have been recommended this to help improve cholesterol levels or to benefit your skin, but did you know that this oil may also improve memory function?
Extra-virgin olive oil preserves memory, protects brain against Alzheimer's -- ScienceDaily
Last week we looked at ways that we as consumers are influenced into making different decisions each day based on marketing. These Stanford students set out to determine if they could recreate this to encourage vegetable consumption…did it work? A study completed by the Journal of the American Medical Association states that specific adjectives do in fact alter whether or not a vegetable is consumed. So next time you order, see if the restaurant is giving you some “sweet sizzlin’” encouragement to eat your veggies!
Decadent-sounding labeling may lead people to eat more vegetables | Stanford News
AVA is all about making things you already have work to your advantage…even work itself! Yoga is beneficial in many ways, including providing stress relief, increasing core strength and flexibility, and mobilizing many joints at once. When you are stuck at the office, we can make sure you get your blood flowing and prevent the mid-afternoon slump from settling in. Switching up your movements during the day keeps your mind and muscles sharp. 
6 Yoga Poses To Help You Beat The Midday Crash
You may have seen these tall chambers of ultra-cold air in the news or on your social feed. How it works is, they provide a chilling blast of negative 200 degree gases for a short period of time, which can decrease inflammation by redirecting blood flow to the most crucial organs and providing relief for both chronic pain and swelling. There are currently no studies available to back up this methodology, however the treatment dates back to the 1970’s. 
The Cryotherapy Revolution Has Arrived! | HuffPost
For those with thyroid conditions, weight loss and weight gain are commonly attributed to hormonal differences. But how much does our diet truly play a role in the way our body responds with this disease? Can we finally get to the bottom of what we need to do in order to utilize nutrition to our benefit? Finally get the scoop on Iodine, Goitrogens, vitamin D, and more. 
Thyroid Disease and Diet
Looking to reduce negativity in your life? These zen lamps are one of the newest wellness crazes. However wary we are of the “detoxifying” properties, what we can tell you is that they are in fact hygroscopic, meaning they are able to grab (contaminated) water vapor from the air and hold it inside. These lamps may also reduce allergens in the air in the same method. Downsides: we are never sure how effective the lamp we purchase may be, unless you take it to a lab for testing, you may need to have an open mind. 
Himalayan Salt Lamps: What are the Benefits?
Have you ever gone to clean your fridge, only to reach for that jar in the way back corner and not know what it was? How long will those eggs stay fresh? Yogurt says its “best by” date was last week…what difference does a few days make? This convenient app gives you the power to understand everything to keep yourself and your family safe, including how long you should thaw your favorite foods (in the fridge only, of course), as well as the big events to pay attention to so that you can enjoy the food without a food-borne illness. 
FoodKeeper App |

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