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Eat With AVA - Issue #9

Welcome to AVA's weekly newsletter! We'll focus on celiac disease and how varying dietary trends may
July 21 · Issue #9 · View online
Eat With AVA

Welcome to AVA’s weekly newsletter! We’ll focus on celiac disease and how varying dietary trends may impact gut inflammation and other health conditions. We examine how stress may be linked to celiac diagnosis, and how the gut microbiome can be healed through the proper diet.

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Our body is made up of about 100 trillion cells, but only about 10 trillion are “human.“ Learn about the connection between gut health and sclerosis and healing the gut microbiome.
Research Suggests Possible Link Between Gut Health, Systemic Sclerosis
Curious about the metabolic differences in how alcohol impacts women versus men? Alcohol processing is related to the water content in our bodies, with women having less overall water content compared to men. 
Why alcohol affects women more than men - Nutrition Action
Untreated celiac disease could result in osteoporosis due to the connection between calcium absorption in the small intestine. Weight bearing exercise may be beneficial to those with celiac disease in order to reduce severity or prevent osteoporosis.
What People With Celiac Disease Need to Know About Osteoporosis
Studies show that moderate exercise during pregnancy can improve sleep, maintain your physical fitness, and reduce your risk of health complications such as diabetes, depression, weight gain and unplanned c-sections. Even when you may not feel up to it, exercise during pregnancy will also benefit your baby!
Pregnancy Workouts: 3 Routines to Keep You Active When You Don't Feel Like It | Greatist
Travel often? Feeling like you’re deprived of restful sleep during those workweek commutes cross country? Flight attendants weigh-in on the best ways to prevent jet lag. AVA recommends staying hydrated days before your flight, keeping regular meal times, and turning electronics onto night-shift mode at a reasonable hour (better yet, put them away when you are hitting the hay!).
A Flight Attendant’s Jet Lag Survival Guide | HuffPost
Is there a correlation between a stressful life event and the onset of celiac disease diagnosis? When compared with a GERD (gastroesophageal reflux) control group (non-autoimmune), research says there may be. Is it due to the level of severity of medical condition or to other unknown factors? Read more to find out!
Can Stress Trigger Celiac Disease?
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