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Eat With AVA Weekly Digest – August 2, 2017

Welcome to AVA's newsletter. Each week, we curate a digest of the top trending nutrition, fitness, a
August 2 · Issue #11 · View online
Eat With AVA

Welcome to AVA’s newsletter. Each week, we curate a digest of the top trending nutrition, fitness, and wellness news and give you the low-down on what to know.
This week, we examine why you may not be losing weight, explore the connection between sleep & thyroid issues, and learn why exercise, berries & seltzer water are good for you. 

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Thyroid issues can affect your health, nutrition, and overall wellness. AVA can help you manage your thyroid condition.
Thyroid — AVA
Research suggests that living in the 21st century may be affecting your success with weight loss. Modern factors like more stress, environmental toxins, different sleep patterns, more prescription drug use, and different gut bacteria may be promoters of weight gain that we didn’t have decades ago.
The Weird Reason You Might Not Be Losing Weight
Frozen blueberries are just as healthy as fresh, but dried berries’ nutritional content depends on how they were dried. The polyphenols in blackberries, like blueberries, may help improve brain health.
Tufts' Nutrition Experts Answer Your Questions On The Benefits of Berries
While all forms of physical activity are great, not all are created equally. Running may provide more health benefits, but it has its limitations & shouldn’t be your only form of exercise.
This Just In: Exercise is Good for You
Adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity, 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity, or an equivalent combo of both each week.
Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
Night sweats, sleep apnea, insomnia, and anxiety can all be related to an underactive thyroid. Watching your caffeine & alcohol consumption as well as keeping a regular schedule for sleep & exercise can help.
Is Your Sluggish Thyroid Affecting Your Sleep? How to Tell and What You Can Do
Does seltzer water leach calcium from bones or destroy the enamel of teeth? Nope. Drinking seltzer water is actually a great, calorie-free way to hydrate.
Should I Drink Seltzer Water?
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